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7-29-15 FCIC Response to Timothy Wedin Question Code Year to Use for Review .pdf  
Aisle Width Tire Storage - 4-9-24
Ambulatory Health Care - 4-4-23
BDA-DAS Smoke Detector Requirement 7-6-22
CPVC Compatibility 1-4-19.pdf
Dead End Corridors 7-26-22
Dimensional Uniformity 6-24-21
Duct Detector Requirement 12-13-22
Elevator Shafts - 13R Section 6.6.6 requirements
Exterior Wall Distance to Access Road 8-5-22
FCIC Response to Question Skate World.pdfFCIC Informal Interpretation Response Fire Alarms.pdf
FCIC Informal Interpretation Response Outside Stairs.pdf
FCIC response NFPA 101 2009
FCIC response NFPA 101 2009
FCIC response NFPA 101 2009
FCIC response Occupancy.pdf
Fire Alarm Control Units 6-17-24
Fire Alarm Mod vs. Pots Replacement - 11-27-23
Fire Flow Area 8-5-22
Grandfathering Existing Buildings
4 Foot Grating and Sprinkler Requirements 2-19-20
4 Foot Grating and Sprinkler requirements 2-19-20 additional information
Hotel Renovations - 11-18-19  
Hydrant Flow Tests - 6-23-22
informal interpretation response Can Modular Building be Considered an Apartment
informal_interpretation_response_ingress-egress doors.pdf
Legacy Facility F.S. 429.435 - 6-6-23 
Listed equipment Grills - 6-25-19 and application
Portable Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems 10-12-23
LSC chapter 28 29 New vs Existing.pdf
LSC chapter Fire Sprinkler requirement.pdf
Means of Egress - Security Access Turnstiles
Mercantile separations.pdf   
Minimum spacing requirement to a guard
NFPA 101 ch 43 NFPA 914.pdf 
NFPA 13 and Coolers
NFPA 25 Section 5.5 4-22-22
NFPA 303 Boatyards - 6/8/2020
Notification Devices Pt. Care Areas 8-23-23
Open parking structure in accordance with NFPA 101 section
Occupant Load Calculations Fire and Building 4-22-22
One and Two Family Dwelling Classification
Outside Assembly - Occupancy Load Considerations 3-01-23
Propane Tank Distances - Lot Line - 4-22-21
Pull Stations 3-4-20
Reduction in Fire Flow - 6-23-22
Rhinoware - Door Locking Device - 1-2-24
Saunas 1-28-2020
Self Storage Sprinkler Requirement - 9-28-19
Service Corridor vs Exit Passageway.pdf
Shade Structure 6-23-22
Size limit with the exceptions in NFPA 101 11-20-23
Sprinklers-Bathrooms less than 55 sq ft.pdf
Sprinkler Protection Occupant Load and Multi Use 8-5-22
Sprinkler requirements - Residential w/entrances 50' from fire lane 
Sprinkler Retrofit - 5-21-24
Stories in height and applicability of a 13R system
Telephone Line Replacement Options - NFPA 72
Two Way Radio Communication Enhancement Systems 2-10-20
Water Flow Requirements Water Shuttle 3-1-19 NFPA 1 Para 181-3.pdf
Water Flow Requirements-8-14-13.pdf

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