Tony Verducci began his career with the City of Pinellas Park Fire Department on October 12, 1983.  He began his career as a Fire Inspector.  In 1990, he was promoted to Deputy Fire Chief of Fire Prevention (third in command of the Fire Department).  
During his 14 years with the PPFD (he retired in December 1997), Tony was instrumental in developing several programs for Fire Safety and Prevention.  He played a major role in building the Tampa Bay area’s first Children’s Fire Safety Trailer, which was used to educate over 33,000 children on fire safety for the first seven years of its creation.  Tony helped plan the transformation of an out-of-service rescue truck into a mobile puppet stage complete with a sound system, which was used to educate the community on fire safety.
During his career with the PPFD, Tony served as President and  Secretary-Treasurer for the Florida West Coast Fire Association, President of the Tampa Bay Area Fire Marshals’ Association, Regional Director of the Florida Fire Marshals’ Association, and Chairman of the Save Cans for Safe Kids Committee.  He was also a member of several organizations including the Professional Arson Co-Op (PARCO), the International Association of Arson Investigators, the South Florida Fire Safety Association, and the Emergency Educators Association.
Prior to going to work for  the PPFD, Tony worked for the Tampa Fire Department for 22 years.  He retired as a Supervisor of Inspections from Tampa.
Tony will always be remembered at the Pinellas Park Fire Department, not only as an outstanding, enthusiastic, and, innovative employee, but also as a wonderful human being to all he came in contact with.