The following are the purposes for which this Association has been created:
(A) To unite for mutual benefit those public officials engaged in and responsible for fire prevention through inspection, code enforcement, public education, and fire investigation;
(B) To serve as a central agency for the gathering and exchange of technical information in the fields of fire prevention, fire investigation, and injury prevention;
(C) To unify the efforts of the fire prevention officials throughout the State in the enforcing, strengthening, upgrading, and developing of codes and standards in the State of Florida;
(D) To serve as the voice of professional fire prevention officials in the State of Florida with regard to the development of local, municipal, statewide and national codes, standards, and legislation in the field of fire prevention;
(E) To assist design professionals, contractors, code enforcement officials, governmental agencies, legislators and other related associations with technical guidance in the field of fire protection and injury prevention;
(F) To actively promote the highest standard of professionalism and conduct among fire prevention officials throughout Florida;
(G) To educate the public of the State of Florida that the enforcement of fire codes and safety awareness will lead to a safer environment; and
(H) To transact any other lawful business, in the furtherance of the above and foregoing activities, which corporations not for profit may engage.