• Anthony C. Apfelbeck, MPA, CFPS, CFO, FM, CBO, FIFireE

    Anthony C. Apfelbeck, MPA, CFPS, CFO, FM, CBO, FIFireE

    City of Altamonte Springs
    Building/Fire Safety Division
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  • Peter Bergel

    Peter Bergel

    Fire Chief/Retired
    Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue

  • Michael Cato

    Michael Cato

  • Buddy Dewar

    Buddy Dewar

    Director of Regional Operations
    National Fire Sprinkler Association
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  • P. Charles Frederick

    P. Charles Frederick

    Sanibel Island Fire Department

  • Dan Fries

    Dan Fries

    Largo Fire Chief / Retired
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  • James E. Goodloe

    James E. Goodloe

    Bureau Chief / Retired
    Florida Division of State Fire Marshal

  • Foster Gover

    Foster Gover

    Fire Chief / Retired
    Southern Manatee Fire Rescue

  • Olin L. Greene

    Olin L. Greene

    NFPA / Retired
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  • Beth Hardee

    Beth Hardee

    Director, Fire EMS Academy
    P.A.M. @ Loften HS

  • Steven W. Peavey, CFPS, CFCO

    Steven W. Peavey, CFPS, CFCO

    Deputy Fire Marshal
    City of Altamonte Springs
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  • Dr. Gerri Penney

    Dr. Gerri Penney

    Palm Beach County Fire Rescue
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  • Charles (Charlie) Raiken

    Charles (Charlie) Raiken

    Deputy Chief / Fire Marshal (Retired)
    Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue
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  • Steve Randall

    Steve Randall

    City of Altamonte Springs
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  • J.C. Robbie Robertson

    J.C. Robbie Robertson

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  • Karl K. Thompson

    Karl K. Thompson

    Fire Marshal
    Pasco County Fire Rescue
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  • Anthony (Tony) Verducci

    Anthony (Tony) Verducci

    Pinellas Park Fire Department
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  • Bart Wright

    Bart Wright

    Deputy Fire Chief / Retired
    Maitland Fire Department
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